As i have mentioned previously, the summer in the Mediterranean is not really suited for photography out in the field, unless you get up with the Larks, or go to bed with the bats, so it´s a bit of a dead time for me in this part of the world. Also “ schools out for the summer” as Alice Cooper would sing ,so buggering off to the wilderness for even a few hours is a no-no, well  in my case it is anyway!  My daughter is at an age where i want to be close at hand, 8 year- old daughters are convinced that they are capable of everything, until the proverbial hits the fan and adults have to clean up afterwards- i love ´em!

Sooo, got to find something to do in-house i suppose and this, although similar too a “Zoom Burst” but  not actually a Zoom Burst was quite fun to do.

This was a 10 Sec exposure and i spun the focus ring about  1cm in between roughly  1 sec intervals. Sophie as you can see was more interested in reaching the next level  gaming on her Mum´s notebook than Dad was doing on his camera!

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|10 sec|ISO-160|Tamron 28-75mm@28mm|Color Efex Pro:Tonal Contrast.

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