Red Hot Sunset

The last two days here in this part of Spain have been unbearably hot, due to hot winds travelling up from the Sahara. The pueblos are deserted as everyone retreats to their homes to escape the heat. I´d had a pre-wedding shoot scheduled for the evening but the prospective bride and groom and i both decided to reschedule after the week-end when forecasters say the temperature returns to normality for this time of the year. On top of the heat was strong winds gusting and hotter than than the ambient temperature-like a blast furnace. The air was so hazy as to almost be a mist with complete grey cover, no blue sky anywhere, so abandoning the shoot was the only option.

I had a hunch these conditions might produce something worth photographing so having plenty of time on my hands i decided to hang around in a nice bar for awhile and wait for a time closer to the end of the daylight before heading home. Sure enough on my journey home i crossed into my home valley and came across this.There was a spot right here to park the car so i got a few shots off and get home in time to watch Germany get knocked out of the Euro 2012 by Italy, my wife who´s German was bitterly disappointed- luckily she´d calmed down by this morning!

Canon 5D MKII|Tamron 28-75 @ 65mm|f/5.6|1/6000sec|ISO-50


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