Brush Fire At Night


I seem to have broken my motivational impasse of the last ten days or so (i´ve still been taking photographs but pre-wedding shots and some planning with clients for the upcoming wedding i´ve been asked to do).

The recent heatwave here has taken it´s toll on me, what with Air-Conditioning breaking down and what have you, it´s been a case of hunkering down in coolest part of the house,spending time in the local village swimming pool (in the highest part of the village with a lovely cool breeze!)or manning our gift shop( where the Air-Con does work)!

Last night i decided to get off my butt and explore some more of the village that i don´t know so well (which is suprisingly, quite a lot, even though i´ve spent the last 20 years or so here, on and off- more off than on, so a journey of local discovery for me)!So with camera in hand i took a mini tour of the village, i took only one lens with me so no camera bag loaded with equipment, problem was, i forgot my flash unit and Tri/Monopod-duuh!

I came back to the house with a few photo´s i liked(some of which i´m hoping to post the next few days)and after a couple of hours reviewing them and getting cross-eyed, i went to the roof for some quiet contemplation and came upon this quite dramatic scene.

Brush fires are a constant risk here in the summer and can be devastating during heatwaves as we´ve recently seen here and in the northeast of Spain, where three brave firefighters lost their lives fighting to save property and lives plus two choppers colliding with disastrous results while trying to fill their waterbags in some reservoirs-this has been a very bad year for firefighters , the very brave men and women who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe-and the hottest part of the year has´nt even started yet!The whole world seems to be aflame, i feel so much for those people in the U.S who have lost everything!

I perched my 5D on a tripod,set to “Bulb”  and used my remote to trigger,however Sophie came up to the roof and asked me why the land was burning-that´s a difficult one to explain to an 8-year old, and i had hoped to get a few seconds exposure but being distracted for a few minutes trying to explain that some people like to create fires and other people are just stupid with B-B-Q´s, my few second exposure ended up as a 30 sec exposure, i don´t mind though, the smoke´s come out all smoothy!

Canon 5D MKII|Sigma70-300@300mm|f/9.5|30sec.|ISO-400

4 thoughts on “Brush Fire At Night

  1. Yes it has been a bad year for fires. I’m not sure whether I am more scared of fires or tornados. We’ve had several tornado touchdowns in the area. Just plain scary. I feel for the firefighters worldwide. They are brave souls.

  2. That’s a beautiful shot, Adrian – I particularly like the long trail of illuminated smoke going up into the dark sky – in some ways it is complementary to the dark curve of the hillside to the right of it. Adrian

  3. Hi Adrian,

    Just looked at your website for the first time today with Fiona and I just wanted to tell you that I liked this image of the bush fire very much.

    I also saw some of the pics of Barnes taken on your last trip to London – wonderful to see some of our local spots online.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Sophie in the coming year. Don’t delay too long – the sooner the better!

    Lots of love,


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