Grand Old Townhouse, Sagra, Spain

I don´t know the age of this large house in my village, but i think it must have belonged to a well to do family. In the 20 or so years of living on and off in Sagra, i have never seen anyone leave or entering this building. It looks exactly the same today as when i first came here. I used one of Kim Klassen´s Grunge Textures to the final image, you can checkout Kim Klassens textures here.

Canon 5D MKII|f/4|1/180 sec|ISO 400|Tamron 28-75@28mm|grunge texture|


6 thoughts on “Grand Old Townhouse, Sagra, Spain

  1. We visited this building one year ago. It belongs to a man living in Campell, I think the man is more then 65 years old. He is renovating this house on his own…. he is working a very long time on it. As we came along he invited us to have a look inside. The inside is even more impressing then the outside ! If you have a oppertunity to look behind the doors … just do it !

    • Thanks René i´m dying to get in there and take some photo´s, if you know the guy and ever see him please tell him there is someone interested in taking some photo´s Gracias Amigo 🙂

  2. What a grand, sepia palace. The curves and points of the lower row of windows give it a slightly exotic, Byzantine look, as well.

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