Still Life

I have´nt posted for a time, the conditions are,nt right for landscape photography-too bright and drab brown foliage everywhere and not a cloud in sight.Seascapes are out –there are people everywhere on the beaches  ´til the early hours. Night photography again is out as in the villages everyone sits outside their houses or in the village squares to the early hours too.

But on the bright side the “Fiesta season” starts around about now which mean processions,fireworks and live rock concerts-the latter being one of my favorite photographic mediums, and ofcourse that all takes place at night. In the meantime i have been getting more aquainted with my lenses in relation to my 5D, which i´ve only had about three months now. The last few days i´ve been in the house during the day(too hot to go outside) so i´ve been catching up on some still life´s. as someone that does quite a lot of product photography for websites, you can imagine it does´nt really get me jumping up and down but i´ve enjoyed doing them though, this time around.

This was taken in my house using only the available light that was coming thru the windows, hence a long exposure.

Canon 5D MKII|f/22|41 sec|ISO 50|Tamron 28-75@50mm|


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