Cala Sol Iberico,Mojacar, Andalucia, Spain

I have´nt posted anything for awhile, due solely to the fact that our part of Spain in the height of Summer is somewhat uninspiring. We did manage to get away to Andalucia for a few days and so i was able to come up with some stuff which should keep me going for the next week, this is the first of my Mojacar photo´s.

We travelled down to Andalucia (about a three hour drive south from here) to a delightful little Cala (Bay) just a little way´s south of the Playas de Mojacar: find it here.

A point of history: some sequences of the 1950 Disney movie “Treasure island” were filmed just around here, i was told by a long time visitor to this Cala!

We arrived late afternoon, Sophie, Silvieand Nati, a friend and met up with our friends, Jon, Yolanda and Jon´s daughter and her boyfriend Sam who´d arrived the night before.

There were about  four  4×4 converted to overland travel dotted about as is Jon´s Trans-Sahara Land rover (very well equipped with shower  freezer for the beer etc.) We  had tents and i was a little concerned about some large signs saying “no camping” and “no overnight parking”,  our neighbours all assured us that they had´nt seen a policeman to enforce these rules in the last four years and one of the campers there, even suggested that the Guardia Civil have such strict fuel budgetry rules, that they don´t even bother to come here anymore!

Whilst the rest of the folks were getting the B_B_Q  together, i decided to head down to thewaterline with my tripod to get some long exposures.

Canon EOS 5D MKII|f/19|30 sec|ISO 125|Tamron 28-75@40mm

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