Acrida Ungarica,Andalucia,Spain

I was sitting on a little rock in the Cala Sol Iberico on the first day of arrival here, just looking out to sea, when Nati  and my daughter Sophie  were heading down to the sea for a dip and Nati exclaimed “Wow Adrian get your camera, look at this weird insect”! I´ve never seen one of these before, it belongs to the Grasshopper Order and the female (which this) is 50-70mm long. It´s blade-like antennae make this insect  readily distinguishable. It´s habitat is damp grassland near the coast, so my bug book states, so fits in with the location.

I had my Tamron 28-75mm attached to the camera (my 60mm Macro was at home with the 50D) but i think i got a passable close-up of it.

Canon 5D MKII|f/8|1/750 sec|ISO 640|Tamron 28-75@65mm|Handheld|


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