Mr Green Grumpy

I read somewhere that mammals have an instant dislike to reptiles, going back to the time when we crawled out of the swamps , took over the world and relegated reptiles to beneath human contempt status. Very sad ,as Chameleons (and Geckos) are quite like Hamsters but with scaly skin instead of fur!

Sophie wanted to use the services of the chiriguito but did´nt want to go there on her own, so i went with her to the ladies and waited outside below a tree that gave some shade,while waiting for her i was just listening to the cacophany of the Cicada´s in the tree  above and looked up, and blow me if there was´nt  not one but two Chameleons hanging around on the branches! I high-tailed it back to the tent, Sophie in tow and grabbed the camera. These guys(Gals) are so slow you can stroke them and they don´t mind-even put them on your shoulder but they dig those claws in! Sloth meets Reptile!!!!! Watching these eyes all working independantly of one another was a bit freaky, but it seems to work for them! Apparently, chameleons only live in this area (Almeria) and Cadiz and in (bosques) forests close to the sea, if the temperature drops below  0 degrees they´re history!

They look a little grumpy but i guess if i was green and scaly with a sticky tongue i´d be grumpy too!!!!

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/250 sec|ISO 400|Sigma 70-300mm@214mm|


2 thoughts on “Mr Green Grumpy

  1. Excellent picture, Adrian! I know and like these from Kenya – for sometime, one lived in the bush outside our living room window – at length I went out and brought it into the house – wherupon the kids threw fits and bolted! Adrian

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