Sophie In High Key


This concludes my Mojacar theme, time to move on to other things. The summer is drawing to a close and fiestas abound, so this will be my next theme. I am so looking forward to the autumn with it´s beatiful colours,the sunsets and the drop in temperatures and getting back to early Sunday morning forays with my camera. A bit of professional photography to undertake in early  September, which requires my concentracion and then i´m free to reflect on the past year´s work to see where i could have done better.

I have been blessed with a very photogenic daughter,who´s completely at home in front of a camera. I ike this shot, as the pose was completely unprompted by me-  she knows instinctively! This was taken at a chiringuito at Playas de Mojacar not the chirringuito in the Cala we were staying and was actually the first photo i took on that trip. The post she´s hanging on to is a sunshade in the chirringuito. I thought this works better as end of theme rather than beiginning  of theme. Afraid i can´t remember the flash settings i used.

Canon 5DMKII|f/2.8|1/80 sec|ISO 400|Tamron 28-75@59mm|


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