Correfocs !!!


The theme for the next few posts is Fiestas and correfocs is a firm favorite  for me during the fiesta season. Of course fiestas has a religious side to it with many solemn processions. Without the Catholic part of it, these processions would´nt be the spectacle that they are.

The Correfocs on the other hand seem quite Pagan to me-it´s best described as organised chaos with fireworks. It starts with lots of people wearing what ever protective gear they can muster up, milling around, building up the anticipation and adrenaline.

Then the street lighting in the main street suddenly go out, plunging everything into darkness, a second later fireworks strung across the street ignite, bathing everywhere in red light.Loud tribal drum music emanate from speakers pushed around on a trolley. The guys and gals light their fireworks efectively turning themselves into human fireworks as they slowly move towards you down the street. Every now and then a small group of people will form a circle around the firework bearer crouching down around him/her getting covered in sparks.As you might´ve guessed the Latin concept of “Cojones” is an important part of the ritual. I got the top of my head well and truly singed (no protective gear-none whatsoever)! Funny how you get the feeling of protection from behind a camera, as if your wiewing everything from a remote distance! The whole thing ends with a spectacular Catherine Wheel firework display. I just could´nt imagine this taking place in my native country England with such flagrant disregard for the health and safety issues involved in this great spectacle.

The lowlight made everything a bit challenging so I decided to set my camera to the Tv (Time Value)  setting rather than the usual manual that i´m most comfortable with. The worst thing is missing a shot because you are continually fiddling around with manual settings because of continually changing light conditions.

Canon 5D MKII|f/4.5|1/45 sec|ISO-1000|Tamron 28-75@28mm|Tv setting|


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