Fiesta Fun-Happy Smiling People

Well the Fiesta season is drawing to a close. Here in Sagra the summer sees this village fully occupied by visitors, just about every empty house is rented out during the fiesta season and the majority coming from France as many of the older townsfolk have links to France (during the Franco years, many moved to France).Actually it´s quite nice to have so many French coming to the village in the summer, as one normally associates this part of Spain with  hordes of Brit and German tourists and most of the townsfolk speak french as second language rather than the more recent English.

These images are of the “Carrozas” or parade thru the town ,on the last evening of the fiestas. I used my Sigma long lens(70-300mm) for these and i´m finally becoming more at home with this lens in fact i´m beginning to really like it, which for a time i did´nt and for a brand new lens at the time with a price of around €110.00 i think i´ve got a good ´un there!


One thought on “Fiesta Fun-Happy Smiling People

  1. Good pictures, Adrian, I really like them! Probably my most liked lens is a 70mm-300mm, with Nikon’s Vibration Reduction which is a godsend and which really works.

    I seem to “see” many images at x6 ie 300mm and I’ve probably taken more pictures with this lens than with any other. Its a trifle bulky but I don’t mind this because I know that, when duty calls, it’ll certainly deliver the goods! Adrian

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