Sunrise – A new Day

Well it´s been at least three weeks since i posted anything on my blog and it feels a little bit like i´m having to learn it all over again! I´ve been crazy busy with re-appraising our gift-shop´s online presence, lot´s of product photography and have just spent the last week editing  the wedding shoot. Dave (my back-up shooter) and me took over 1200 frames-so a lot of cropping, re-sizing etc. a lot more work than i thought-i´d expected at least 50% would be discarded but no and the deal was the client get´s all the images to choose from-jeez, i would´nt want to go thru 900+ images to select for printing-it´ll take them weeks to get thru. I´d had an idea of how it was all going to go-200 or 300, maybe 500 at a push and we´d be done-not a bit of it. Twenty-something Spanish folks play by their own rules-plans go  out of the window and we had to just react to what was  unfolding in front of us-It was a real good gig though, we learnt a lot! For me the best part was photographing all these beautiful young women being done with hairstylists,make-up artists Etc. The only other male there, retired to the sunbed by the pool until about 30 mins before the big dress up, real laid back!

Dave ,my backup shooter covered the boys, and as far as i can gather that was a bit of a laugh too! It´s nice getting paid for what you love to do- and the clients were those rare people that pay the fee upfront-Magic!


I woke at about 6:30 a.m this morning and headed for my favorite chillout spot in the house- the roof terrace. I sat for a little while, watching the night turn to day and when i turned to go down to refill my cup of tea, i saw the Sun coming up, forgot about my cup of tea and grabbed the camera and monopod instead.

At 7:00 a.m in the morning in my village there is´nt much going on, but if anyone did take a sneak peek out of the window , they would´ve seen an off- the- wall Englishman (´scuse the pun) perched on top of the highest point of his roof, doing his best high-wire balancing act while in his pyjamas and dressing gown with a monopod and camera, taking pictures of the Sun coming up- just about got away with it , makes my blood run cold just thinking about it!

I think it would be bad etiquette to post anything of the wedding before the client gets to see  the photo´s so maybe in a week or so i can post something that gives the flavour of the event.

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/180 sec|100- 100|Sigma 70-300@190mm|Mono|SOOC|



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