Winter´s Coming……On Top Of The Pile

For some reason, that i can´t  fathom, the first month of school in Spain consists of  half-day´s, so when our delivery of winter firewood came, i thought Sophie would be an invaluable helper getting 2 cubic metre´s of firewood into the basement. The truck came and dumped the lot in the doorway as it alway´s does and it´s up to yours truly, to shift it to the basement. When the truck arrived, Sophie excitedly said “the truck´s here dad, we´ve got a lot of work to do”.

Needless to say after 15 minutes of shifting logs, Sophie disapeared upstairs to watch some TV. 4  hours later i´m aching all over and there are about 5 logs left and Sophie comes down from the TV, hands me the last 5 logs to put away and say´s “Phew, we´ve worked really hard today have´nt we Dad” !  Don´t you just luv them, i wish they´d never grow up!

Now i know what you´re all thinking,” why did´nt you use some flash or other external lighting on this shot, well i did, but not on this one because for me, it gives a little bit of an  eerie/surreal quality-i  much preferred this one-just my personal taste!

EOS 5D MKII|f/4|1/750 sec|ISO 320|sigma 70-300@70mm|CEP Duplex filter|



6 thoughts on “Winter´s Coming……On Top Of The Pile

  1. A weird but very good image, Adrian – its almost as if the background is something like a piece of theatrical scenery that’s been erected behind Sophie and the logs, and the strange lighting on for example here face – the center of her face in shadow but the sides of her face lit – only serves to enhance this effect. Good picture! Adrian

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