This shot is part of the wedding shoot we did last month, there was a little break from the serious wedding photography and i just got this off before we got down to buisness. My partner Dave was shooting guests, getting more and more inebriated,as wedding parties often do, so this was one of the last i took before heading home. 9:00 am to 23.00 pm is quite enough for one day……exhausting!

If i had known this show was part of the wedding itinery, i would have prepared for it, this show popped up without any prior warning from the hosts of the party and if  i´ve learnt anything from wedding photography, it is, expect the unexpected!  I´m not unhappy with it as it happens and i do think with a 5D you have a little more edge over a 50D let´s say, not least for the 5D´s great ISO. My 50D is an essential bit of my kit-my backup in these wedding type situations and i´m not about to get rid of it, but my 5D rules supreme for me.

The Old Skool Disco fella had me in stitches, glitter ball and all, but hey, everyone´s got the right to make living, right !!!!!

I love the colours of the disco lights, they compliment the dancers costumes, but 80´s and 90´s disco tunes, don´t do too much for me, not because i think they´re crap-more that they remind me of my age-i remember them all !!!

EOS 5D MKII|f/4.5|1/15 sec|ISO 1600|Tamron 28-75@ 55mm|handheld|SOOC|


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