Damsel Flies Laying Eggs

The natural world when observed up close, never ceases to amaze me.The  male Damsel fly supports the resting female while she lays her eggs just below the surface of the water. If i´ve seen this once i´ve seen it a thousand times before, but never really thought about what they were doing (it´s all happening so fast in front of you)! Once the action is frozen, it all becomes clear (plus a little help from Google: Damsel flies-life cycle)! Biology (or zoology, not sure which is the correct definition)and photography so obviously compliment one another in relation to understanding the truly diverse world we live in. Now if i had my time all over again, i might well have taken my education a little more seriously-especially in the Biology department……..aaah good old hindsight!

Insects are truly amazing creatures, they seem to defy all the logic that human beings have come to know. They´ve been here longer than us and will probably be here a long time after we´ve gone. Being at the top of the food chain is no guarantee of survival and watching these two Damselflies risking the assault by jumping fish (guess that´s why they don´t  hover above the water for more than a couple of seconds at a time) brought it all home to me, the fish and Damselflies are pretty evenly matched,the fish might be predators but the Damselflies have got some pretty cool defensive moves that ensure their survival too!

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/1500 sec|ISO-500|Sigma 70-300@ 300mm(Macro)|


4 thoughts on “Damsel Flies Laying Eggs

  1. Sorry I’ve been away so long Adrian. As you’ve seen, I’m starting to get back into posting as we’re settling into Oz.

    This is a beautiful image. I really like the monotone treatment.

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