Friendship – Cohesion

These two guy´s are friends-good friends of mine too, I´ve been dithering for a month now, as to whether i should post this-i´m  now convinced i should, Enrique to the left, is my Harley partner, Frau to the right my BMW partner. Both of them, the funniest guy´s i know in Spain! Between the two, they´ve had a few broken bones (Motorcycles), so i think i´ll just stay behind this camera for the time being!

Friendship can be with your partner or lover, your daughter or your son,your cat or  your dog, or just people you´re thrown together with, one find´s friendship in the most unlikely of places, and you can´t  have friendship without loyalty – or loyalty without friendship!

Next Tuesday i go to London for 6 day´s- to see my 96 year old mum, twin sister and and some nieces and nephew´s- i  hope –  if they´re not too busy with they´re hi-powered  life syles- i  really hope i can see ´em all (big extended family)!!!!  And see some friends from way back, i just can´t wait!

Well, London photo´s – Buck House (Buckingham Palace) – done it, Chinatown – done it, Southbank – done it, Tate Modern – done it, Covent Garden – done it, so i reckon my London project, this time around is going to be the River Thames, down on the shore, muddy and slimy – let´s see if i can come up with something of unseen (or unclean) London!

I will start at my mum´s house (where the Oxford and Cambridge boat race ends) and work my way up to the centre of town , all along the shore,(not all in one day, of course,  and tide permitting)!

If i don´t post anything between now and next Tuesday, see  y ´all in a couple of weeks, when i get back. I´ll be checking out all your posts as always via my RSS Feeds!

So i´m looking forward to going to a city that´s had the Bubonic Plague, the great fire of London, the  Nazi blitz, two Olympic  games,  a massive influx of immigration from every corner of our globe (which has made it, in my opinion one of the most diverse and colorful cities in the world)  and not forgetting of course……Pubs!

Al  Ataque, as we say in Spain!!!


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