A Hook, a Line, and a ….Blackberry

Phew! I´ve just been wading thru my RSS feeds of my favorite bloggers (and others) and i must say i´m impressed.

It seems the autumn spurs everyone on to produce some great photography!

I´ve just returned from London and  before i uploaded, i wanted to see what everyone else has been doing- it´s been 2 hours and a great source of inspiration.

I took over 350 images of which around 260 will be keepers, and looking at what everyone else has  been doing of late, i just think “way to go, guy´s and gal´s-keep it up!”

You all know who you are because, i´ve hit the like button,on your blogs  and i´m only half the way thru! More tomorrow.

I chose this one for tonight´s post, not because i thought it particularily special, but you have to start somewhere and there werejust two of us prepared to brave the mud and discomfort, in order to achieve our respective goals and i thought that was pretty cool.I think he was talking on the ´phone, (leave the ´phone at home mate,fish can hear what you´re saying)!

The bridge in the background, is Chiswick Bridge (done this shot loads of times in the day, but not at 11:00 PM at night), it was freezing cold, damp and muddy- i´m capturing images, he´s capturing fish (don´t think he caught anything this night, but what the hell)! I liked the buses whizzing acrosss the bridge!

Just shy of the bridge about 50 meters, towards the camera ,on the other  side of the Thames, is where the world famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat race ends.My Mother´s house is about 50 meters up an alley from here, so not a great deal of hardship for me, i did wonder where this Angler came from, and he was still sitting there when i packed up and went back to my  Mam´s house. I wonder if he caught any fish?

This was a long exposure, on a Tripod (my Manfrotto´s got mud on it´s feet!).

EOS 5D MKII|f/5|30 sec|ISO 160|Sigma 70-300mm@70mm|remote release and mirror lock-up|


6 thoughts on “A Hook, a Line, and a ….Blackberry

  1. I love this; so atmospheric. The light and shadows around the angler are quite wonderful. I also like the way you have captured the fast-moving train with the icon for the cheap travel still imprinted. This would make a wonderful greetings card for a bloke and would really be appreciated, I’m sure. Wonderful! (I’ve used the ‘w’ word three times 🙂 ).

    • I’ve just thought – that’s a road bridge rather than a train bridge, so it must be the ‘mega-bus’ icon rather than ‘mega-train’. I’ve a one-track mind (pun intended!).

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