Waterboarding Under Barnes Bridge




I´d been to my Sister´s houseboat at Hammersmith and decided to get on the shore at Barnes Bridge, actually i was trying to get up close to some Herons and Cormorants (that took off as soon as i approached) when these guy´s appeared under Barnes Bridge- it just knocked me out, never seen waterboarders on the Thames before!

I crouched low so as to get to their level and took a couple with my Sigma 70-300. I really need a 400mm lens i think!

These guy´s saw me and waved, which i thought was pretty cool. I´ve seen plenty Waterboarders in  Spain and Ibiza but never here, on the Thames and i have to say, i think they´ve got some “Cojones” to do this on the Thames, probably Antipodeans or Californians i think, to have the balls to do it!

I was a little concerned though, as i know this river well and it is unforgiving, it has some brutal undercurrents, and these bouyancy jackets are not up to the mark if you fall in midstream, The problem is, not how strong a swimmer you are, it´s about if you get dragged towards the Barges moored at the sides- some of them tend to be hollow underneath and if the undertow takes you there, you´ll be spending the next few weeks under a barge-your resting place-unless the rescue diver´s pull your body from beneath-assuming they know where you are!

I got home some 2 hours later, had a cup of tea with my Mum and went down to the river for a quick look, before having a beer in the Pub next door, and saw these guy´s (and Gal) arriving on the incoming tide at the rowing club on the other side of the river-phew, thanks be, to whoever their  god is looking down on them! It made my day though, seeing them arrive safe and sound!

London being London and the Thames being the Thames i have a sneaking suspicion this will become a new fad on the river-my fear is the PLA, (Port Of London Authority) will legislate only after a tragedy occurs.

At the moment, i don´t think there are any rules governing Waterboards on the Thames.

When mucking about on the water-be safe, always wear a life Jacket!

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/320 sec|ISO-125|Sigma 70-300@149mm|Handheld|SOOC|

4 thoughts on “Waterboarding Under Barnes Bridge

    • Mark i´m back in Spain, was only there for a few days, i don´t know where you are, where you live, your ´phone no or anything else.Mark i´m back early in the new year, against protocol my email is:adriancharvey@hotmail.com, i don´t use FB as a method of communication- never will – it´s bollox! 🙂

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