Swanning Around

This is taken from the Pub close to my Mum´s house just a short walk, about 50 meters up an alley. I guess you could say it´s an enforced lock-in! Lots of rain the night before and someone forgot to lower the Thames Barrier, bet he/she is is on the unemployment register now!

I guess no one reads signs anymore, there is a sign (now submerged) which reads “ Car owners, this area is liable to sudden flooding”. So i´m stuck in the Pub for the next three hours, waiting for the tide to go out (how bad is that- not that bad at all actually-  i get to sample lot´s of beers in three hours!).

Then out of nowhere these two Swans decide to Swan by and checkout the the idiot humans who left their cars at the mercy of the River Thames.

The bar lady said to the vehicle owner “what are you going to do? “ He said “nothing,´cos everyone is having so much fun photographing my car submerged , that i´ll come back in the morning and sort it out, got a spare starter motor so it should´nt be too much of a problem”-I thought, that´s a classic, Londoners can be so funny sometimes!

Moral of this tale is-if you see a couple of Swans close to your car-move it or lose it!

Canon 5D MKII|f/16|1/20 sec|ISO- 400|Tamron 28-75mm@ 55mm!



7 thoughts on “Swanning Around

  1. Good picture, Adrian! Yes, its incredible how people ignore signs – on the Somerset coast there a cheap and cheerful seaside resort called Burnham-On-Sea – it has some nice sand, but go any distance down the beach and you’re in thick, glutinous mud.

    The seaside promenade is peppered with warning signs but, every year, people and/or vehicles are stuck out on those lethal flats – so much so that Burnham has a hovercraft to help with the rescues!

    And I say “lethal” because the Severn Estuary has the 2nd largest tidal range in the world, and very shallowly sloping beaches – the tides come in at quite a pace. As photographers we look – maybe others don’t! Adrian

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