Home Sweet Home….Spanish Style

I´m still wading thru my London photo´s, so i thought i´d post something closer to home for tonight. A real cold,cold front has hit us here in Spain, so we´ve lit the log fire for the first time this Autumn evening. The Calabaza, (Pumpkin) has been hollowed out and a candle put in it´s head and placed in the window overlooking the street, for halloween.

The Spanish in our village have´nt a clue what all this Halloween malarkey is all about, because they call it the “day of the dead”, they go to the cemetry ,put flowers on the graves of their relatives…and go home! Hmm, lacking in imagination i think!  Actually, the traditional Halloween seems to have been replaced by Zombie´s these day´s and i´m just wondering if they´re going to be ressurecting (no pun intended) those rather disturbing Cronenberg , Zombie Flesh Eater series of films from the Seventies! (watched every single one)!

Sophies language teacher´s mother gave us a load of her  home produce,  all natural, no pesticides,herbicides or anything else unnatural, and i thought they would look right nice on the dining table.

My wife has this strange habit of putting family photos on the diagonal, as you can see (must be a German trait),and i refuse to look at them anymore as it gives me a crick in the neck!

I quite like this photo though, as it gives me a rather calm,warm feeling, knowing that the Vampire´s, Zombies , Witches and Wolfmen are outside the door, but i´m snug and warm inside. I reckon i´ll have finished  making the Garlic necklace just about in time for the witching hour!

We´ll be back in London when the Halloween madness has died down!

Canon EOS 5D MKII| f/7.1| 5 sec| ISO-100| Tamron 28-75@28mm| Tripod|Ambient Light|



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home….Spanish Style

  1. nice cozy picture – I like the slanting photograph display. Halloween is here to stay. Too much money to be made by the big stores to let it go now. Seems a shame to me that all those pumpkins are grown, not for eating but for hollowing out, throwing away and setting a candle inside – such a waste!

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