Resting…..Sigma 70-300mm DG

I´m not sure what type of fly this is – never seen one before, it landed on this leaf  (a type of cactus with long sword-like leaves). This plant is everywhere but the name of it escapes me for the moment, you very likely have one in your garden, or your neigbours garden.

I used quite a wide Aperture with this:  f/5.6 which i´ve found is just about optimal with this lens (at least for me). Although it is 70-300mm think of this lens as 70-200mm  for everything else other than close-up and 200-300mm for close-up. Don´t believe the spiel that it´s a macro lens at this range, it´s not,  it´s close-up nothing more. One thing in it´s favour  though, is that it´s minimal focal range is about 1.5 meters, a tad less on a full frame camera  (i wonder if Sigma will be bringing out an updated version for the new Canon 6D)? Insects are a devil to photograph well- they tend to hightail it if you get too close,  so this lens works quite well if you want to get a general  close-up type of shot.

For me, at it´s Macro range(their definition,not mine) taking a shot of  let´s say a squirrels head from 5 meters away works quite well (i´ll be posting one of them in the not too distant future) but itty-bitty creatures is another ball game altogether.You´re  never going to get a Nat Geo type shot with this lens!

I almost missed this little fly-it was so small, about 1 cm in length- just caught it in the corner of my eye (i was photographing a garden spider at the time) so i did´nt adjust any settings, and thought better to click a frame off, rather than faff around with mirror-lock-up Etc. There was a slight breeze just to complicate things as well, so waiting for everything  to die down was just not an option. As it happened i only got one off before it was gone!

I can´t decide if  this is a wildlife photo or an abstract photo!  What´s the subject, the fly or it´s position on the leaf, or the leaf itself?

I would have preferred a faster shutter speed and sharper image but had no time to adjust  for that and nature really does´nt care about photography and if it did, a photograph would´nt  have quite the same impact would it????

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/200 sec|ISO-640|Sigma 70-300@300mm|Tripod|


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