Young Buck….Friendly Buck

This young Buck was shading out, under a tree as i walked past on my way home (not really my home, my mothers house, i was just visiting)! He looked a little depressed, just lying down on his own. As i approached him, he got up but did´nt seem to be too worried by my presence…i got the feeling he had been rejected from the herd…had to make his own way in the world, but could´nt. He started flicking his tongue (that Red Deer do, don´t know why) and then tried to Bay like one of his older contempories…but no sound came out, i guess your not going to get many Doe´s in your herd if they can´t hear you! He came towards me a little, not agressive, more like: “hello, who are you!”

I backed off, mostly as he got an impressive set of Antlers and did´nt want to mess with them!

You know what, this may sound stupid, but i found myself saying “you are a beautiful animal, get out there and make you´re mark, in the world”.

I don´t know if he ever did and as i don´t speak Red Deer and Red Deer don´t speak Human,i guess i´ll never find out!

He seemed to like being photographed though! I like to think he got a Doe or two, just for a little bit of self-esteem!!!! Taken in Richmond Park, London, England.

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|ISO-400|Sigma 70-300mm@300mm|Hand|


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