Spider´s Web In Infra Red

Now, this image may seem a little weird to those of you that visit my blog from time to time, but there is a method in the madness here, i´ll explain.

My Mother, all 97 years of her, spent the first half of her life as a Contemporary Ballet Dancer, moving to Toledo in Spain to learn Flamenco in the 50´s. The career of a ballet dancer is usually fairly short due to injuries, so by the time she got to her Forties she had retired. My father, the bread winner in the family worked for the BBC as a musician right up to retirement, so what to do as a retired ballet dancer…..take up painting of course!  My mother was quite an accomplished abstract painter and always stayed loyal to that medium.

On my last visit a couple of weeks ago she said “I´m your biggest fan of your photography ( mother´s usually are) and i´d like you to take some photo´s of the garden, but as i´m an abstract artist i would like something more arty, rather than the usual stuff you send me to put on the wall”!!!  (she loves the photoshop twirls) ….. So this is for you Mum!

This was taken at about  7:00 am in the garden in London and if there had´nt been some dew that morning i would have had a spider´s web stuck to my face!

Canon 5D MKII|f/2.8|1/500 sec|ISO-640|Tamron 28-75 @75mm|CEP Infra-red Filter|


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