Doe, Doe, Doe, And……. A Doe

Absolutely snowed under with some product photography at the moment, the client has hundreds of products, all to be photographed from multiple angles, well, that´s what you get when you tell your webmaster “send your clients to me, for their website images”! Jolly well serves me right! Then the day after starting on that, one of our former employees contacts me because she´s doing a make-up course, 13 weekly modules and needs some photo´s of her work once a week for thirteen weeks, quite a challenge for me, but not one i´m about to shirk-the added bonus being she´s a good friend of ours for many years-so much easier, and she has the sort of face “that launched a thousand ships”- i´m thinking Helen of Troy here!

I guess the moral of this tale when photoblogging is: always have a good supply of images- you never know when something comes along to disrupt the flow. Luckily my recent trip to London has provided me with some stuff in reserve!

I found this image more comical than anything, the male of the herd got into an altercation with the male of a rival herd some 50 meters away and left his Doe´s to their own devices, i´d done quite a good job of moving tree cover to tree cover, so as not to get noticed, but the minute i clicked off a frame they all looked at me (they have amazing hearing). The big Buck saw me and started to move my way- i decided to move the opposite way!

Although i had my flash attached, i did´nt want to use it in case it upset the Deer, i´d tried lower ISO that day but it was so dark and grey and overcast i decided to use an ISO of 800, i must say with the 5D you can just about get away with ISO-800 without too much loss of quality- not ideal, but passable i think. I had forgotten to micro-adjust the lens (Sigma 70-300mm, duh!) when i bought it, so i had to over compensate in PS- did´nt come out great, if you look at the outline of the trees in the background you´ll see what i mean, but what the hell! I had my tripod attached to the camera but used it as a mono,  as i thought setting it all up would get these Doe´s all nervous and then they´d be off! At this point the heavens opened so further photography for the day was just not on the cards-thank  god for my Lowepro slingshot and it´s waterproof cover!

Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/320 sec|ISO- 800|Sigma 70-300@300mm|

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