Jenna is a person that knows what she wants and is gonna get it!  A real good friend and one of our former employees.Trained as a model, she has decided to go for make-up artist, this was session one of 13 – 12 more  to go. She chooses all the poses herself making  my job easier. This is not a portrait, per se, we´re trying to concentrate on the make-up. This was taken in-house but i would do it a little differently next time. Next shoot wil be using natural light and i like the idea of her backlit with natural sunlight- not possible lately as the weather is diabolical here, at the moment!

This training module for Jenna, is:  lips and nails( I might have to employ a little cheat to match up the colours,don´t tell a soul)!

I like this one, because, although it´s a posed shot it, looks pretty natural to me, as if the camera was´nt there ….. or me either…. Perhaps she´s watching the TV!

Way to go Jenna…see you next week, can´t wait!

Canon 5D MKII|f/4|1/25 sec|ISO 400|Sigma 70-300mm@ 90mm|Tripod|

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