Jenna II and a Pod Of Whales


Hi there folks, i´m still here, two or three weeks of product photography will drive you mad- i´ve managed to keep the folks in white coats at bay for the time being, although i thought for a minute there i´d be heading for the funny farm! If anyone ever asked  me “ what would you prefer, a shot in the foot or product photography” i would choose the foot every time-madre mia! I´m longing to get back to the simple thing´s in life-like Landscapes,Macro,portraits, and yes, even Christmas trees and decoration! That´ll be coming next-if i can hide from the people that want me to make their cardboard boxes look like the crown jewels!

Whoa, well just  hold on a cotton pickin minute- seems to be some changes on wordpress since i´ve been away

I read somewhere that something good always comes out of bad and of the second shoot for Jenna ,we we´re on the  promenade in the club Nautico  in Denia when this little fella- a runner about the size of a Hobitt, with his black tights and earphones said “ take a look out to sea, there´s a pod of whales out there” Sure enough there were, by the time i´d got camera settings correct they were gone! Ah well , Jenna looks good though!


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