Creek Sleeping

 Creek Sleeping

 Well , i´m feeling  a little fragile after the New Year celebrations, so i thought

 i´d post an image to gently nudge my blog into the coming year.

I´ve been wracking my brains, these last few days as to where i want to go photographically speaking for 2013-I can´t come up with anything, nothing,it´s just a blank. This for me is the most appropriate photo for the beginning of a new year-go with the flow!

This little Creek,  just outside our little village, seems to have a secret sleeper on the Creek bed. Where the bottom third and right third intersect and the water weeds part to reveal the bottom, there seems to be a face-with the brown rock as it´s pillow.( If you´ve got young kids or grandchildren-think “Where´s Wally” books- if you look hard enough you´ll see it).

In that, is the most obvious clue- it´s what the eye sees, not what the camera “sees”- so that´s a start for me for 2013 !!!!!

Canon 5D MKII|f/11|1/320 sec|ISO-640|Tamron 28-75mm@75mm|


One thought on “Creek Sleeping

  1. Beautiful image, Adrian, wonderful colours, and I like the all the flower stems leaning to the left in the flow. And go with the flow, why on earth not, and see where it takes you! Adrian

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