The Sentinels

The Sentinels

These Sepulchres are quite interesting, on the highest point of Xalo, they look over the town and have seen thing´s we´ve not seen. They stand there speechless but all seeing- it´s a little bit  disconcerting to know that they can seem to see inside you-very weird. I came up here today, just to  have a little bit of  peace and quiet from the world outside-peace i found, i also found it absolutely Brass Monkey´s, (that´s absolutely, freezing cold, for those of you who are not English), still, better to be at peace, cold, than at war hot, if you get my drift!

While walking up to this place, i was having these thoughts, “i have´nt got the right foot gear, for this”- walking back i thought “ i did´nt have the right clothes for this” the Sentinels are probably laughing there heads off!

Words For Sinners

We´ve tried to translate this, but it seems to be an old style of Castellano- the nearest translation we can get is “ Sinner,hold on to your eagerness, because in  this Sepulchre, God makes man satisfied for the sins of Adam”  Eve does´nt get a mention- so she´s either non-gratis- or the boss-poor old Adam!

Right, processing: dumbed down the exposure-upped the fill in, gave a bit of Foliage in CEP and some Tonal Contrast to finish off- anyone got better ideas, would love to hear from you- i´m always open to ideas!

Canon 5D MKII|f/8|1/60 sec|ISO-200|Tamron 28-75mm@47mm|handheld|


2 thoughts on “The Sentinels

  1. What odd sepulchers, Adrian. I have visited some old graveyards and found them peaceful, but I don’t know if I would be totally at ease in that one! Something about those black windows, and especially the point of view you framed this one. Nicely done.

    • I find the place really spooky too-so i won´t be going there at night anytime soon. I was doing a mini “photowalk” with my daughter and her camera and she said to me “Dad, i don´t like it here, can we go further into the woods and take some photo´s of squirrels?” “yeah Sophie, let´s go right now” 🙂

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