A Nice Place To Live

El Collao

We took a trip up to Fleix today, a littlle bit up from the Vall De Laguar. A good two or three clicks brings you to a place called “Venta De Collado”. Venta in Spanish, when applied to a place was a coach stop where the people would take some refreshment and rest the horses for the night. I took this shot from the “Venta” to a finca just a little below. The Barranc Del Infierno is a little off to the left- we´ve been to the Barranc Del Infierno before on this blog, albiet from the other side of the Barranc way off in the distance.

This finca and outbuildings have been here for time inmemorial (i think that´s the right word) and although it looks abandoned, someone is looking after it-otherwise it would just be a pile of rocks on a mountainside. I was kinda hoping  i´d have won the “El Niño” lottery this year, so i could offer the owner a couple of million to buy it-sadly, yet again i have´nt – oh well, maybe next year!!!!

It looks to me like the kind of place a Rockstar would buy- just to have their own recording studio in it-i would´nt need the recording studio, just a chill-out Lounge and a well stocked bar would do me just fine-oh, and some windows to look out of instead of some holes in the wall, what a great view though!!

Canon|5D MKII|f/4|1/6400 sec|ISO-320|Sigma 70-300@86mm|Monopod|



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