River Walk-Rio Girona, Sagra, Spain

Rio Gerona,Sagra,Spain

Those of you that have followed my blog over the last year or so, know that i have a love of rivers (and bridges especially, as a lot of bridges span rivers) I grew up next to the Thames-which is quite a mega river, compared with this little one outside my village. But you know what, they smell the same, dump flotsam and jetsam  here and there the same,  and leave loads of slime and algae on the rocks to dry out in the Sun when exposed. There´s never going to be a risk of drowning here- unless it´s the rainy season and you´re stuck in the riverbed when a flash flood comes.

Funny how being at ground level (riverbed) get´s a better view than at  ground zero (no disrespect, i´m just borrowing the term for this post)- all the houses and urbanisations  are out of view from down here-cool!

A lovely place and a lovely walk along a not so dry riverbed-fresh Mandarins left and right,(the orange type that you eat, not the Chinese one´s that commanded armies) and Oranges to pick and take home with you (fresh Orange juice just off the tree and into the juicer is just the biz)!!!

Canon 5D MKII |f/4.5 |1/640 sec |ISO-400 |Tamron 28-75@ 28mm|Hand held|


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