Household things

Household Things

First off,  an amendment to my last post in reference “El Niño” lottery. While it´s true i did´nt win 2 million Euros- i actually, did win € 140.00, my wife decided she would spend my winnings on paying some bills which i guess is fair enough (sounds of gnashing teeth)- the bills will have to be paid, ultimately. It´s just that , i can´t help feeling that i´ve won and lost, all in the same instant-i´ll definately have to think bigger next year!

This shot is a  Pot-Pourri  in a deep glass vase- as you might have guessed, this week i have a lot of spare time on my hands- Kid at school- wife at work, and lots of films to watch, like Resident Evil II, Harry Potter, Lord of The rings, Face-off, Miami Vice, Etc.  And even a little bit of time to do some photography in-house!

so i used the camera´s timer- just to give me 2 seconds more time on my hands-I don´t get too much time to do  just as i please- i´ve only  got four days, so as they say “every second counts”.

Friday:  more portrait work-can´t wait to get back to it!

Canon 5D MKII|f/22|1/30 SEC|ISO-200|Tamron 28-75 @ 66mm|Tripod|Remote|2 SEC timer|Mirror lock-up|



3 thoughts on “Household things

    • You can take some credit, Brandon, i was thinking of some of you´re past posts/photo´s for this- i love these muted tones, but hard to achieve in-camera here in Spain where there is so much light and vibrant colours- you have to really search for a subject to find it! 🙂

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