The Longest Walk

The Longest Walk

Funny how walking in a straight line to somewhere, can sometimes be more complicated than going round in circles and getting nowhere.

The Sea for me,when you get there, always seems to be the end of the line- until you get there- but not the end of the story. When you get there, there is this overwhelming feeling of being confronted with a new and familiar but unfamiliar world, that is a little bit scary, but you want to know it-what´s down there, what swims or lives below the surface?

7:00 AM waiting for the Sun to rise, across the bay southwards and towards Javea and the Faro (Lighthouse) was  beaming it´s warning to the seafarers out at sea to not come too  close the rocks and to give a point of referance to all who maybe navigating these waters.


The Green and Red Port and Starboard lights that guide the big ferries out of port to Ibiza and Majorca become suddenly in sync with you-or you become in sync with them-you breathe with them totally in sync, you don´t need a watch to countdown the seconds- they always come on when they should  and go out when they should and calm, total, beautiful calm, the sound of the sea,the smell of the sea, the seabirds, dipping down to take a look at you.


Then suddenly , Swedish voices,  getting closer and closer and closer- the next minute there are three of us savouring this moment,  when the Sun comes up-not a word said between the three of us, but an understanding  that this was a special moment-inspiring and dramatic. The Sea, the last unexplored place on our world- i hope we can educate our children how impotant it is, if we can´t do that, well, we deserve what we get-our children don´t!


Black and White seemed to me to be the right thing for this, don´t know why! I´m going back to this place next Sunday, i´m not sure why,  but i´m not done and dusted with this yet!


Canon 5D MKII|f/25|15 sec|ISO-50|Tamro 10-24@24mm|Tripod|ND4 Filter|

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