La Glorieta, Denia,Spain

La Gorieta

So Sun´s up-morning has broken- no more  photography in the harbour-done and dusted for the day, only one thing to do-head into town and have a “Carajillo” and a tostada de Tomate, just to get the motor( Heart) working! At about 10:00AM these seats are usually taken up by the old folks playing Dominoes-empty  now, as it´s quite early,in half an hour they´ll be arguing over illegal moves.Some of the old folk think that because t hey´ve got restricted sight, the rest of us can´t see them slipping dominoes up there sleeves- hey folks we can count up you know! And stop walking off in a Huff when you´ve been caught out cheating-second childhood!

I used my Tamron 28-75mm for this, spot metered-why do i mention spot metering , well that´s a good question, metering modes are quite important, actually, those experienced  photo bloggers will not need this but there are some out there that may want to know about  Metering Modes but were too  afraid or too embarrassed to ask-well here is the most idiot proof and simplest explanation i can find: Click here, happy metering!


One thought on “La Glorieta, Denia,Spain

  1. Hi Adrian – I think that’s a very good point – we take metering modes for granted, but there may well be many people looking at our blogs for whom these modes are great unknowns – great sources of uncertainty – so why not mention them? Adrian

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