The Garcia Lorca, Denia-Ibiza-Palma


The last of last Sundays Denia´shoot, (though, i might pop down there tomorrow morning, weather permitting).This is the super modern,super fast ferry the Garcia Lorca. I can´t find too much technical details on this ship, on their website, but i´m assuming it´s a water-propulsion ferry, with top speed of 36 Knots and a Denia to Ibiza travel time of around 2 hours.It has a length of 115 meters and a 17 meter beam, maximum passenger capacity of 896 persons and capacity for 195 vehicles.

The Garcia Lorca only operates during the summer season, so she´s getting a facelift at the moment, i went to get a closer look on the other side of the bay and there was a lot of cleaning activity going on-i imagine she´ll get a lick of paint before entering into summer service, looks like from this image, she could do with it!

I used to travel to Ibiza on this route many years ago before Balearia took over-in those days the fleet was made up of some rather old rust-buckets, that had been pressed into service, from their original home, which was ferrying passengers around the Greek Islands-all the ships names were in Greek-including emergency disembarking instructions at the muster stations. The journey time in those days was about 3 ½ hours, when you got to the destination, you´re clothes smelt of Diesel  fumes, if you ventured on deck and if you looked out from Denia port, you could see the black plumes of smoke long before the ship had disappeared off the horizon.

Id never seen so many passengers with picnic boxes (they were regular travellers), until i went to the cafeteria-there was a choice of : (A)cheese roll wrapped in cling film, (B) Ham roll wrapped in cling film and (C)Serrano Ham  roll wrapped in cling film. Coffee was served in a tiny little plastic cup with a plastic spoon which was collected then washed and used again on the return trip. Two for one i guess you could call it.

Well, they were the good ´ol days and now Balearia looks to be a modern and competent ferry company-i´ve never travelled with them but they´ve got some nice looking,sleek,streamlined boats and a half way decent corporate website if you´re planning to visit the Balearics- you cand find it here.

I liked this shot as it has three elements that you don´t often see, linked together in a “vista”, the landscape aspect in the background, the urban, in the midground (if i can use that word) and the Nautical aspect in the foreground.

|Canon 5D MKII|f/5.6|1/13 sec|ISO-50|Sigma 70-300@214mm|

2 thoughts on “The Garcia Lorca, Denia-Ibiza-Palma

  1. Ah, Adrian, you have pushed my nostalgia button. One of the reasons I liked the Greek Islands so much was because of those rusty old inefficient ferry boats. Sadly they too have mostly all gone, forced out of service because of age, pollution and cost and have been replaced with this sort of soulless monster!

    • Ha,ha, yes Andrew, i thought you might have something to say about that! I love that nostalgia button too! Who knows maybe you and Kim even walked the same decks?
      The Garcia Lorca looks a bit like the Costa Concordia, in miature-and we all know what happened to that-´nuff said! 🙂

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