Nature Is My Canvas

Natures canvas

Have´nt been able to get out with my camera for about ten days or so,  all i can offer is something of a few weeks back, that i never got around to posting. There must be a Billion images of thistles out there, so a new way to look at them is what´s required, if it´s not to fall into the “yawn, seen it, done,it, got the t-shirt” category. So to that end, let´s imagine the camera is the paintbrush dibbling and dabbling on a canvas.

I, like probably many people in the western world, turn on my computer first thing in the morning, whilst brewing a cup of tea-just to get the Masochistic bad or stressfull news first thing-you know the type of inbox hell:  “i ordered something on you´re website 2 weeks ago, it still has´nt arrived. I need it in two days time as that´s my wife´s birthday-can you tell me where it is” or “where are my photographs, i´ve got to get them to to the printer´s by 5:00 o´clock tonite”. Some folks just let this sort of thing just waft over them, me on the other hand get Hiper-not good for me or anyone else in my uncomfort  zone.

Possible solution: start the day right, yoga mats on the terrace chanting omms is definately not going to work for me, however a screensaver with a calming message probably would,  so this will be my screen saver for awhile-and if it works, i´ll let you all know, if not, you´ll find me in a cave, up a mountain , getting some tuition from my Spirit Father and i won´t be back until i´m well and truly sorted-just kidding folks!

We´re all heading up to the beautiful town of Alcoy this weekend, hope to have some interesting stuff to post next week- if we´re lucky we´ll see some snow on the mountains! Oh, and by the way the thistle was taken with my Sigma 70-300mm, but you´ve probably guessed that by now, if you´ve been following this blog for any amount of time. I should buy a new lens, just to break up the monotony!


5 thoughts on “Nature Is My Canvas

    • So far so good on the screensaver Mike,in all seriousness- i have a much more calmer approach. After all, what happens at the beginning of the day,sets the pattern for the rest of the day 🙂

  1. Hi, Adrian – I’m looking through emails which arrived during my PC meltdown >>> and what you say here certainly strikes a chord with me. Its a beautiful and very calming picture and I very much like your words – “the camera is the paintbrush dibbling and dabbling on a canvas.”. Any photo that starts to look more like a painting or drawing is A-OK with me! And “I choose my actions from a place of peace” – right on!

    I am just about to retire, and the simple life, uncomplicated and unstressed, is where I want to get to.

    And, finally, getting on to dreadful technicalities, I’m also wedded to a 70-300 zoom, a Nikkor in my case. It just seems to suit the way I see the world, I seem to see many images and compositions at x6 – large numbers of my blog’s pictures are taken at 300mm.

    Good luck with your quest for peacefulness! Adrian

    • That´s a long quest Adrian but like you i live in a beautiful place- so it makes it easier. i was in London a couple of weeks ago- everyone rushing around taking themselves too seriously-frowning at my daughter on the tube for being an excited 8 year-old in a place she´s never been before, some folks just don´t get it do they. I hope you retiring does´nt mean you´re going to stop blogging- i´d miss that mate:)

      • “everyone rushing around taking themselves too seriously” – boy, does that strike a chord with me, my friend! Oh to get away from all that!

        I’ve just made a rather downbeat reply to your kind comment on my gazelle picture – apologies! – but I suppose I just look a practicalities and realities >>> which is not to say you don’t! >>>Digging myself out of a hole here!!! A lot of it is probably due to my having lived in the Third World for 12 years – reality just gets up and smacks you right in the face there! And this is not to say that Third World governments are no good – but simply that the problems they face are vast, and increasing.

        And thanks for your kind thought. Oh no, quite the opposite re retiring and blogging, I want to do a lot more photography and blogging, and this ought to be possible for several years, but in the longer term we’ll just have to see how the finances hold out.

        Thanks for your good thoughts, Adrian, its very good to hear from you! Adrian

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