Pensative On Top Of A Mountain

IMG_0808 copy

Well, our little trip to Alcoy, the past weekend was a little disapointing photographically speaking- great to see some old friends-we had a real good time, and the kids were great ´til bedtime-when the kid heirachy kicks in-two very great kids vying for position, but in the end equally strong-minded and then they´re both sleeping in the bed, albeit facing opposite one another-agree to disagree!

Sunday, we all head up the mountain trail to the highest  point overlooking Alcoy (sorry. I don´t remember the name of the place). There is an Ermita (hermitage) right on the top, overlooking Alcoy below. Quite close by is a Gorge where there is a colony of Vultures- but without a super-long lens, pointless trying to photograph. I tried- and failed!

This fella, in the picture, up on the edge, crossed my path, i said,  “good morning” all i got was an incoherent mumble in return, unlike the 20 or 30 other people who were civilised enough to reciprocate. There were good folks saying to their kids “wait kids,  this guy´s doing some photo´s”, so we´ll wait a minute before passing in front of camera” and all this with a super big smile on there faces.I wonder why this guy in the picture was so negative, at the top of a mountain you can only feel great, it seems to me!

I got a distinct feeling of a dark  Aurora about this guy up on the edge- probably not his fault,- but i thought he deserves nothing less than some dark B+W treatment for this photo!

On the way down we encountered a family , and the eldest boy- about 10 years old was shouting “ i´m the king of the world” waiting for an echo that never came. Which reminded me of a time, in the Pyrennees with my dad,  walking thru the mountains. I was about the same age as him, as i recall- no echo either! I thought “ the kid´s got spirit, and one day that echo will return”!


3 thoughts on “Pensative On Top Of A Mountain

  1. This is a strange and distinct looking picture, Adrian. Its a good picture and very effective, and I’m sure the mono adds to its enigma. The man and rocks are very sharp and out in the front – and to me it almost looks as if its a collage, with the man + rocks superimposed on a sky shot. It certainly makes one look at it closely! Good stuff! Adrian

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