Alcoy- with a Tamron 10-28mm


Well,being on the 5th floor of an apartment block, is really not my thing, however,  it does present some opportunities, especially if you have an 10-28mm Lens. Ii quite liked these  straight lines going off in the distance.

Also at this time of the morning is a great time to have a real good cup of Spanish coffee- if you can find a bar open-i found at least three on this Sunday morning- done every single one-the coffee´s here are  absolutely the bizz-how come they can´t do you a cup of coffee of the same quality in my pueblo!!!

Alcoy is a pretty cool small city-like London in microcosm- love that sound of Police sirens kicking off-but probably not great if you´re on in need of them!

Nice and cultured people there, but like most places in spain-hard to compete with the Chinese influence-Alcoy was a major influence in textiles once, who can compete with China- it was also a place where trades unions fought and won rights for workers in the textile and other industries and resisted the Franco thing as much as could be-big changes since i was last here 20 years ago!

Canon 5DMKII|f/13|1/60 sec|ISO-640|Tamron 10-24@16mm|

5 thoughts on “Alcoy- with a Tamron 10-28mm

    • Hi Andrew, my first on the list would be La Vall De Nuria- you would definately find this interesting as a travel writer of unknown Spain-one of the first chain railways in the world i think- the trip up there is about an hour long, with stunning views.Although it is cast as a ski resort, in July, it´s something altogether different, if i´m correct it was built as a resort for the Franco elite so it has some history- now, outside of Catalunya most Spanish have heard of it but not been there and foreign tourism is almost non-existent. I think it would fit into your “unknown Spain” niche perfectly! You would´nt be disappointed.Bring a packed lunch on the train as it´s super basic and the cafeteria is super expensive.I have a very expensive t-shirt from the gift shop which i still wear and the colour´s have´nt washed out-cost me about 50 euros but still looks good.The area around there is Ripoll and has a distinct alpine feel to it vis-a-vis houses and towns-not spanish looking at all. My other favorite towns are Camprodon and Cadequés- a little more tourist centered, but nice towns too-steer clear of Figueres-fleecing town! Catalunya is´nt so big so you can get around everywhere in a few days if you´ve got a hired car. Looking forward to you´re July posts! 🙂

      • Thanks Adrian, that’s helpful. My plan is to drive a loop from Girona and stay in Vic, Ripol and Besalu so I should be able to make that train trip. I am reading ‘Voices from the Old Sea’ by Norman Lewis so want to go to the Costa Brava, do you know the real name of the village that he writes about?

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