On Any Sunday,Go Climb-Using A Zoom Lens Handheld

Go Climb

A bit of a deceptive image this, i was about 300 meters down on the road with my Sigma 70-300. Looks like this climber is just starting off on her climb-not a bit of it, she is about 25 meters up on the rockface, looks like she may´be  using some friction boots on this climb, stuck nicely to the rockface!

Increased the res to 600 (as i always do) increased px size to 10,000 or thereabouts then cropped in close in PS, reduced the size to 1024 for wordpress. For me detail is´nt the most important aspect,in this, the activity is.

Now, my fellow photo bloggers know this, but in case your here wondering why your images using a zoom, handheld are coming out not so sharp, here´s a little trick worth filing away in you´re mental hard drive- think 1/1- if you´ve got 300mm focal as this is, you´re shutter should be minimum 1/300 sec- in this case it´s 1/800 just to be sure. I only use manual as that´s what i´m comfortable with but it works with AV/EV as well. All cameras are different so understanding manual settings will give you the edge. Find a safe place to take your image, (this was from a mountain road with cars whizzing by every 2 minutes) so i put myself on the safe side of the crash barrier and sat down, (whenever i try to take this type of photo´s standing up they almost always come out crap)! take your time to hold the camera steady and you´re sorted,done and dusted!

OK it´s not NatGeo stuff but certainly better than something that looks like i´ve taken a picture of a fly on the wall!

|Canon 5D MKII|f/13|1/800 sec|ISO-400|Sigma 70-300@ 300mm|

3 thoughts on “On Any Sunday,Go Climb-Using A Zoom Lens Handheld

  1. Nice picture, Adrian – I especially like those bright brown oxidation stains (I was a geologist!) on the right, they bring a lot to the shot, it would be poorer without them. They are slightly convex towards the climber, and they help to focus attention on her. Adrian

      • Yes, I went there to teach the subject, but later worked as a safari manager/guide, taking tourists out into the wilds. I had been a birder / ornithologist for decades, and the tours looked at all types of wildlife, and at geology (which, around the rift valley, gets up and smacks you in the eye!) and some local history. A

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