London 2013-Daughter /Father Bonding


We leave at the crack of dawn for London-touchdown more or less at 11:00 am, get the  to Earls Court from Luton airport (for the incredible price of 5 Pounds Sterling per person) and head for my Mum´s house at Mortlake (where the Oxford and Cambridge boatrace ends).

Saturday: visit Sophie´s Grandma and do some painting in Grandma´s paint studio, back to Sister-in-law´s place for the evening-watch some Greek soaps, then  go to bed.

Sunday: Watch the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown up in London Centre, then go and see Grandma and Sister.

Monday: Science museum and watch some IMAX films there( i´d like the Apollo film, but it´s up to Sophie). Then Hamley´s the toy shop and buy a Monster High Doll for Sophie.

Tuesday: Come back home!

I don´t know how to keep Sophie´s hair under control, as you can see from this photo it is wild,she´s had a visit to the hairdresser today and is in plaits and had all the wild bits cropped out .

Silvia, my wife ,said to Sophie the other day “Can i come with you to London ” Sophie said  “No mum, just me and Dad this time ,OK” –  That´s my girl, a bit of Dad/Daughter bonding!

It´s your turn to look after the shop, this time, Silvii !! 🙂  Anyway we´ll be back home in three days-make sure there´s a log on the fire when we get home!

No DSLR´s on this trip-just my Samsong Galaxy smartphone-got a day or two to work out the camera settings- we´ll see what happens!

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