Chinese New Year In London With A Galaxy Smartphone

Chinese New Year, London

Our little London trip for the weekend with me and my daughter was great, i had thought that i´m not going to get any time to take photographs of London and we were restricted with luggage space on the ´plane so i left  the DSLR at home this time. Any photo´s will have to be on the Galaxy. Landed in London on the Saturday, we go to to my Sister-In-laws house and she says “ you know it´s the Chinese New Year in Chinatown tomorrow?”  Oh, no i´ve left my gear in Spain! Oh well just have to make do with the smartphone!

I liked this shot as thing´s seem to be moving in all directions, i have never seen so many DSLR´s, micro 4 thirds and smartphones all in the same small place at one time, the camera makers ought to get together and  jump on this if ever there was a time.

We had a BBC news crew talk to us and Sophie chose that  moment to get shy in front of the camera and then a little later on my sister phoned me to say we were on the BBC London news, i did´nt watch it thankfully – a cringe moment!

We headed to the Science Museum and had a great time there. My  blogger friend Andrew Petcher asked whether there is still the mining exhibit-yes it´s there- some of these exhibits are still there from xx years ago- some still there when my Mum and Dad took me there when i was a kid. Now though they have an amazing IMAX 3D Cinema- we watched a great film about the Hubble telescope with our 3D glasses and Sophie munching thru her popcorn ,it was great and great to see school groups watching these films-a real education. Massive applause at the end of the film from the school groups- there´s hope for the world yet-thank god for science!

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