Going Back To 2006-Revisiting And Re-Appraisal



Re-organising my archived photo´s, i´d forgotten they go back to 2006, seems like such a long time ago.

Before i bought my first DSLR (A  Canon 400D) i had a really great Digital Camera- the Sony DSC-H2 (It´s now my daughter´s camera).

I took some great shot´s with this camera- this is one of them i believe,taken way back in 2006, on a visit to Mundomar in Benidorm. In those days, i was a little naive-action shots were more important to me than the reality of captive animals they portrayed. I like the action in this shot though!

Some years on- to be honest, i don´t much like animals trained for human enjoyment and especially our marine cousins-such beautiful animals- or Mammals better said.

Mundomar exists basically to gain knowledge about dolphins,whales and related sea mammals-funding of course comes from the private sector-governments and nation states promise big, deliver small, so entertainment provides the funding- i hope one day this will change!

Can´t give any details on this photo -too long ago- and anyway who cares, the image speaks for itself i think,  and the caption could be ” get out of my living space-human!!!!!!”


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