Cleo Of The Nile

Cleo Of The Nile

I know what you´re all thinking  “What´s a grown man doing playing with Monster High Dolls”, actually i have´nt had a chance to get out of the house with my camera since we got back from London. I have had a whole lot of product photography to do-this latest batch, jewellery for our store website-you know the type of thing, highly polished Silver jewellery on a white background that stubbornly refuses to get lit correctly- meaning i have to do the thing i dislike in a photographic context most of all: compromise.A nightmare. And to add insult to injury-it´s unpaid, or at least until we sell some of it!

As i had everything set up for product photography i thought i´d break up the monotony for ten minutes and give Cleo her moment of stardom, it looks as if she´s given a stage performance and reminded me of the days when i was a stage-hand at Richmond Theatre-the final act i think!

Cleo here,  was a gift from Sophie´s cousin in England- given to her on the same day Sophie blagged me into a trip to Hamley´s toy shop to buy her, guess what-a monster high doll! Cleo seems to have lost a shoe, thereby reinforcing the Barbie doll buisness model: create a doll with thousands of small accessories that get lost in a matter of hours, so creating demand for more accessories.

I find it a bit strange that all of a sudden, Sophie wants to play with dolls-she´s always been a bit of a tomboy-football,basketball,Nintendo,Computers and riding her bike at breakneck speed-that sort of thing. I have a sneaking suspicion she´ll grow out of it soon enough – i hope i can say the same for me-really need to get out of the house more, i think!!!!

 |Canon 50D|f/7.1|1/160 sec|ISO-1250|Canon 60mm Macro|


3 thoughts on “Cleo Of The Nile

    • Me too, and the Shop assistants are great, airlines should employ them as counsellers to the moaners and groaners on every flight to spain- i wish all the grandfolks were like you-hey some kiddies are teething or outside their comfort zone so why is that a problem-give ´em all a monster high doll-sorted 🙂

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