Terra natura- Benidorm


I´ve never been a great lover of zoo´s-Terra Natura in Benidorm has got a cool name, but still it´s a zoo, for want of a better definition. When you have young children there is a certain amount of compromise one has to employ- last Sunday was one of those days! I could hardly be a grumpy bear and dis-allow my daughter to see some animals in real life that she would normally only see in a book (thankfully, she love´s books- unlike some modern kid´s today)!

It was quite challenging to make the images look as though they we´re taken in a natural habitat, and some might say that´s trick photography but i don´t think i´d get this Owl  in it´s natural habitat without spending three day´s in the wild wilderness in a hide! (would love to do it though)!

This is my favorite of the day´s work, however you can see some more at my FB Photography page, see them here  if you like.

We´ve had some really atrocious weather the last couple of days, not just rain and scary lightning but also a wind that keeps blowing my satellite dish out of sync-getting on my nerves having to go on the roof every half hour and reposition it. However  i can hear the sea, big rollers coming in at Denia, some 13 Km away as the crow flies, so we´re going down to watch them coming in Sunday morning at daybreak- if they´re still rolling in that is-maybe i´ll have some good photo´s to post Sunday night-if i´m lucky and can keep my camera dry!

|EOS 5D MKII|f7.1|ISO-400|1/4000 sec|Sigma 70-300mm @300mm|Handheld|



2 thoughts on “Terra natura- Benidorm

  1. I know how you feel about zoos, Adrian, and I share those feelings – and the more so maybe for having led safaris in Kenya. But there’s no getting away from the photographic opportunities that zoos can provide – as long as one has the sense to exclude the cages’ bars and so on.

    This is a very beautiful portrait, and I think that the browns and greys of the surroundings really add to it by mirroring the colours of the owl’s plumage – good stuff, my friend! Adrian

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