A Perfectly Natural Design


If someone asked me to close my eyes and visualize a 3-dimensional, non symmetrical,simplistic, but intricate form, i would probably be here, sat in this seat, with my eyes closed for my entire life.

Mother Nature on the other hand, can come up with something in the blinking of her eye- only a few nano-seconds for her-millions of years for us and all this while she´s multi-tasking planet management, with those irritating humans that try to put a spanner in the works at every turn!

I have a feeling she´s beginning to lose her temper though-the shell has some symbolism for me-it protects the vulnerable creature that lives inside, i just hope Mother Nature does´nt decide she can´t be bothered with the shell anymore!

I dont believe that humanity and our planet are incompatible, but i do believe the leaders of industry and politics could show a little more leadership on this point.

Many years ago i read a book called “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”, One of the paragraph headings quoted a great Native American Tribal leader thus: “ How can anyone own  land, it belongs and is shared by all the creatures that live on it” – never seen a grasshopper sign on the dotted line of a title deed to this day!

This beautiful shell was given up by the sea because it´s owner had no more use for it- it´s been on my mantelpiece for about a year- i think i´m going to give it back to the sea-just so a homeless Hermit Crab can have a home!

Had to use my 50D with theEF-S  60mm Macro for this- i really must raise some money, so i can get me an EF 100mm Macro for use with the 5D-i´m beginning to wonder if i would have been better off with the 7D. But with a new 7D on the way this year-with a hefty price tag to boot maybe cut my losses and stick with what i got-i just can´t keep up with camera upgrades these days, Canon,Nikon,Sony, whatever, it´s  getting ridiculous!


|Canon EOS  50D|f/13|1/50sec|ISO-400|Canon EF-S 60mm Macro Lens|


2 thoughts on “A Perfectly Natural Design

  1. Hi Adrian! This is one really glorious picture, I very much like what you’ve done with it! Vast natural beauty! And natural beauty is the beauty that really gets to me.

    I agree about the world’s political and (especially) industrial leaders lack of real punch on the environment – its very much a case of “not what they say, but what they actually do”.

    I’m not up on Canon DSLRs >>> being a 100% committed Nikon man! But, 3 points to make.

    First, if you afford it you should get a full-frame camera, ie full 35mm format. Benefits = larger sensor and thus larger files to play with; and the depths of field of your lenses will be the same as they were on 35mm film cameras.

    Second: I use a 105mm macro – I posted a shot from it yesterday – and I (and many others) think that 100 or 105 lets you get that little bit further back from the subject, cutting out your shadow etc. And of course lenses of this focal length also act as very good portrait lenses – and there is no truth in the rumour that they are developed for close focus so that they are not so good when used at longer distances.

    And last, there is no need to try to keep up with the ongoing torrent of “upgrades” >>> if you have a camera that produces good pictures, that camera does not stop doing that just because an “upgrade” has appeared! Adrian

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