Mountain Biker´s Should be More Considerate


This is a lovely mountain walking path, we had a lovely walk last Sunday-a family day, the wife, daughter and our lovely dog that has had her first experience of the great outdoors. A vision of nature and harmony-teaching our daughter about flowers and rocks (this week Sophie has decided she wants to be a minerologist), beauty in nature! At this time of the year you can just sit and look at the view-dawn to dusk and never cease to be amazed-every day is different- no two days are the same!

My Bugbear  however, is recently, Mountain bikers have decided that they somehow have a monopoly on every mountain path and walking route that´s here- it´s becoming a real issue.

Last month, on this very path, out of no-where, two Mountain bikers almost knocked me down, the second guy obviously could´nt control his bike and screamed at me to get out of his way,- you know the sort, just bought his bike a week ago ,but does´nt really know how to control it-he almost went off the side of the mountain- did´nt even have the decency to stop and apologise for nearly knocking me over! This path  has been a walkers path for the last  20 years, long before mountain bikes were invented!

If you´re a cyclist reading this,have a little thought for everyone else and think about this: 150 cyclists have died in the provence of Valencia this year-mostly by cyclist stupidity-the car driver (or motorcyclist) may face the judge, but you guys might face the coffin!

Walkers deserve as much respect as everyone else that loves and uses the mountains, also you scare all the wildlife away!

When it comes to winners or losers, you´re definately gonna come out as losers- who needs broken bones!

I don´t ride my Harley at full throttle, on a pedestrian pavement, screaming at people to get outa my way- i stick to the road, where i belong, and observe the speed limit- in or out of a town-you should do the same-you´ll live longer! And walkers paths are for walkers, Mountain bike paths are for Mountain bikers- “never the ´twain should meet”. End of rant!

|Canon 5D MKII|f/16|1/100 sec|ISO-640|tamron 28-75mm@30mm|handheld|Flash|


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