Alegria And The innocence Of Childhood


It´s always nice when you find by chance,an unintentional common theme with fellow bloggers. My good fellow blogger friend Adrian Lewis posted today “Laughter”. see it here.

Yesterday we took our weekly Sunday walk- and my daughter Sophie looked so happy here, it reminded me of all the happy times i had in my childhood-almost all of them were in the countryside! Let´s face ,it we all remember those times when we were children!

I decided to get quite low among the flora while she was´nt looking and get a “candid” shot- and picked up a tick for my sins- luckily i have a hard scalp and very short hair on my head- so not really conducive of tick world- jumped off my head and landed on the keyboard.

 I find insects fascinating, however i don´t actually want to share everything with them-vis-a-vis my flesh!-worlds in collision! I humanely terminated it´s life- it´s a disgusting blood –sucking parasite- i hope y´all forgive me for it and i hope i don´t come back in the second life  (if there is one) as a tick!

I have been a little bit worried about putting lots of photo´s of Sophie on the blog for fear of people thinking i´m a little bit too “proud Father”, but i have to say she is so photogenic and such a great model to work with that i can´t resist it.

Alegria in Spanish literally means happiness  in one´s being, as opposed to being happy about a given thing:  e.g wealth,Success or being at the top of the tree- it´s about  enjoying life with friends or loved ones- wherever up the tree you are- it´s about being happy in yourself and enjoying what you´ve got , because what you´ve got is a lot! It´s about watching you´re kids grow up and growing older day,by day and loving it!

And if you have a camera – any camera-capture it!

Canon EOS 5D MKII|f/8|1/160 sec|ISO-640|Tamron 28-75@ 75mm|


One thought on “Alegria And The innocence Of Childhood

  1. Hey Ade,
    Remember the thursday afternoons romping around Barnes Common with the school gang. Playing war games & climbing trees was great fun and I can’t forget them. Pure alegria!!!

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