Change inThe Seasons-And There´s A Full Moon Coming


Those that have seen my last post will recognise this-what has changed however, is the sky-bigtime! These type of Sunsets only come once or twice a year here- and only at this time of the year. You just can´t put a date or day on it, it comes when it comes and won´t come again ´til next year-it really is the anouncement of a new season. When i go to the roof terrace, first light of the morning, i can watch the swallows and sparrows, vying for supremacy to pick the best mate, i can smell the Orange blossom and have to duck my head from the Bees whizzing by,heading out to the blossom in the “campo” to start their days work. The country flowers have´nt quite come in full bloom yet, but there´s a full moon in two days, so i´m sure they´ll get going from then on!

I went up on the terrace just now- and the night lark is singing her song-just like last year, she´ll  be gone soon, until next year!

The village,the house,the family, everything blissfully silent and asleep-except me, a beautiful time for quiet reflection of the day past and the day to come, and of ´course updating the blog!

But there is a ferrocious wind that comes for a few minutes and then dies out completely for a ½ hour or so- is this a storm front?  They say in Spain-rain that comes with the full Moon, rains for 40 days-maybe i´ll have to plan for a photographic rain project for the next month!

As my wife and Daughter, dog ,Etc, entered the house, everywhere was bathed in this weird orange light- the missus said “get up there with the camera Adrian,the sunset is amazing”( i was Post-Processing some of yesterday´s photo´s- what´s that Joni Mitchell lyric: “Don´t know what you´ve got ´til it´s gone”) . So rushed up to the roof and luckily all the cam settings were pretty much there-nothing really to do but shoot. I like the sky colours, they seem to compliment the buildings –same kind of colours!

In case anyone´s interested settings were:  Neutral,Spot metered( thanks to Adrian@Fatman Photos for your input-it´s noted).

This is SOOC- WYSIWYG-no PP in or out of camera, the sky colours are exactly as i saw them.I have´nt even cloned out the TV masts! I have done a B/W version of this that i like, but this version does more for me- so the B/W is for my archives-not the blog.

Canon EOS 5D MKII|f/5|1/30 sec|ISO-400|Sigma@70mm|spot|handheld|


7 thoughts on “Change inThe Seasons-And There´s A Full Moon Coming

  1. Didn’t see many sunsets in Spain over the weekend when I was there but I came across this wonderful line from Laurie Lee – “I saw the great gold plains, the arid and mystical distances, where the sun rose up like a butcher each morning and left curtains of blood each night.”

  2. Thanks for the plug, Adrian, can’t at all remember what input it was, but glad it was useful! Hope I wasn’t advocating always using spot metering as I’m about to say otherwise quite soon! Good image, beautiful soft colours, and, as I used to be a birder, what is the night lark – I’m fascinated to know! Adrian

    • Adrian The input,was that including metering mode in shooting data might be useful to some people.This just happened to be Spot as that was it was set to from the previous photo i took. with these sunsets here you literally have only 3 or 4 minutes before the whole thing changes completely and could´nt waste time fiddling with settings. The “Night Lark” is what an expat here calls them-i´ve never seen it-it´s in a tree up the mountain about 150m from the house. and of course at night can´t see anything. it sings a very distinctive song through the night but i´ve only heard it around this time of the year then seems to disappear for the rest of the year. 🙂

      • Hi Adrian! Oh I stand by the shooting data thing, focal length especially. I think that it completes the photo, if you see what I mean.

        Yes, I had super speedy sunrises and sets in Kenya too – maybe that was one thing I missed out there, the longer and leisurely half-lights of more northerly latitudes. In Kenya, there were day and night – and very little else in between!

        Maybe this lark is something that breeds further north – so that you hear it getting into breeding mode and starting up its song in spring, after which it departs for breeding grounds further north. Good to hear from you, man! Adrian

    • Adrian, my mother was a keen “birder” i´ve just had a look at a book she left with me years ago Birds of Britain and Europe- i think the bird (George, the expat) was reffering to must be a woodlark or Nightjar as the habitat seems to fit in with the description in the book 🙂

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