Las Marinas

Those of you that know the Spanish well, will know that they will do almost anything to prolong any public holidays-while the rest of the world has gone back to work  the day after Easter Monday, the Spanish have a half-day extra- at least here in Pais Valencia they do.

 We took this opportunity to visit Las Marinas, in Denia.

 Sophie decided to show our newest member of the family-a delightful little 14 month old puppy (part golden retriever and part something else with short legs) how to dig a hole- she duly took up the challenge-she´s a natural digger, which is probably not good for the odd beach jogger that comes along. (Memo to self: Train dog to backfill said hole when finished digging)!

I decided to leave my digging family there and take some photo´s- first up was the lonely lifeguard tower, it  looked really sad and moody, all alone without a lifeguard to give it some sense of being, oh well that´s life i guess-it´ll be busy enough when the summer season starts!

 This beach is popular with light-skinned Northern Europeans in the summer but  it´s brutal-no shade, relentless Sun, relentless heat and windy all  year round.  It´s a bit like the film Lawrence of Arabia but without the camels and sand dunes, and a bit of sea!

Kite Surf (1)                                            Kite Surf (2)

Kite Surf (3)                                   Kite Surf (4)

Talk about windy, the only place ´round  here as windy as this that i know of is Tarifa- In Andalucia, This place, here like Tarifa (but on a smaller scale) is a magnet for mad  kite and windsurfers, they love it-fearless folk that take their art to the extreme.

A quick mention for my camera bag, the Lowepro 202 slingshot- what a great bit of kit that is. Sand and sea spray being really bad for a camera, the Lowepro has a neat little water and dust cover tucked away at the bottom of the bag-it covers everything, and keeps that nasty crap out of your camera bag- and your camera!

The 5D does a good job of keeping everything out too-just done a sensor and lens clean, after these shots, just in case-zilch, zero, nada- nothing got in, not the camera or lens even though i could feel the seaspray and sand on my face for these shots.

 Much as i love My Sigma 70mm-300mm (reality is 200mm) a Canon 70 -200mm 2.8 would do a better job- it´s on my wishlist, but it´s also on my wife´s “ wish it wasn´t on his wishlist, wishlist-if you know what i mean! Hey,wives and  homemakers like furniture and stuff, kids want the latest Android  tablet and i want to win the lottery!

2 thoughts on “Pasqueta

    • Thanks Andrew-i´m gonna need it-never won anything to this day-correction, i won €20.00 at christmas, but so did everyone else in the town- my sister won good money on the premium bonds 4 times- me nothing! They say life is a lottery- so if your happy you´ve won, but a little bit of wealth would´nt go amiss ! 🙂

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