Getting In Close……Cropping For Effect

Petals III

It´s been awhile since i did any flower macro, but hey, spring is here, so i´d better make the most of it.

I´ve never been a great fan of full frontal,full size, whole flower fills the frame, no petal out of shape or place and a twee little water droplet strategically placed on the lower left-hand corner of the petal type of flower photography- it´s just not real to me, so….brutal crop, no natural symmetry and no perfect flower petal. I like the twirly one, obviously a non-conformist, stand out from the crowd sort of petal. It´s beginning to influence it´s next door neighbour too- a dangerous subversive, some would say- if it´s not nipped in the bud where will it all end?

On a more serious and contraversial note, a certain so-called statesperson has died-thank you for all you´re work  MT, without you i´d never have moved to spain, RIP-preferably in small pieces-anywhere but near me!

If this upsets you dear reader- i´m sorry, but she was´nt universally loved, and there does´nt seem to be much differance today than thirty years ago-soviet bloc: read North Korea, Iran, and other Nuclear wannabee states, only the names have changed-we´re stuck with the same mindset! She never changed history, just postponed it for a future generation to deal with.

I find it ironic that she has died when there is more heightened tension than ever before in the last 30 years- and it`s a communist country! Looks to me like history repeating itself!

I´m going to keep taking photos of pretty things – they`re real, not like the falseness we have to live with everyday. So in times of austerity, spend millions on a dead person- well done, that´s money well spent then!

5 thoughts on “Getting In Close……Cropping For Effect

  1. Hi Adrian! These are your words about The Wicked Witch you mentioned – well I’m with you on each and every one of them – and especially her never having changed history – the very thought!

    Yes, keep photographing beauty – that’s your talent and that’s something no one can take from you – or me!!!

    I like the flower pic! And yes, brutal crops – never reject the unthinkable! And “if it´s not nipped in the bud where will it all end?” >>> think I may need to drink heavily … for medicinal purposes … you understand …

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