Returning To The Fold


Well, it´s been ages since i last posted here- Google+ photographic communities can be quite seductive but i musn´t forget where it all started for me- i´m so glad to be back blogging @wordpress.

I awoke last Thursday to the sound of an excavator in the next street and the sound of crashing debris,so imagine my surprise when i got to the roof terrace to see that an old house that was there the night before had all but disappeared. The same evening ,when all work had stopped, i snuck into what was left of the building to get this shot-on reflection quite a dumb move, as the building was being demolished as it was in imminent danger of self-collapse, with that in mind i snapped of a few frames and got out of there-i would have preferred to move some of the stuff in shot around to make it more aesthetically pleasing but i think it would´ve been tempting fate too much (the rest of the building collapsed the following morning, saving the excavator driver about an hours work).

This photo being my Epitaph was not  generally what i had planned at all!

Canon 5D MKII|f/4.5|1/200 sec|ISO-125|Tamron 10-24@18mm|handheld|

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